Advanced security, simplified.​
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The Web is broken

see what the fine print says.

  • You are the product, not the customer
    Nothing is free. Your favorite websites sell your personal data to advertisers to make a living.

  • Spam is everywhere — in your inbox, in your search engine, on your Facebook page.

  • Walled Garden — companies own everything. Website down? Out of service? Sorry, you are left out in the cold.

Take Control

We level the playing field and put the power back into the users' hands. Let's see what happens.


Your data stays personal. Securely backed up across the devices you own.
Bonus point: Everything works offline.


Only you can tell what's important, and who is worth talking to. Set your own rules, share recommendations, build your own world.


Support the people you like. Vote for features.
Collect spam penalties. In one click.


  • Basic stuff (messenger, tasks, wiki) runs in your browser, offline. Devices synch transparently.

  • A server of yours (or your friend) stores large files, checks your mail and runs other heavy apps.

  • To contact you first time, people pledge Attention Coins. You get to keep them, if that was a spam. Feeling lonely? Set the bar to zero.

  • Completed tasks, posts and other activities can be recommended and rated, publicly or privately. Even store complete contracts on the blockchain.

  • You pay for development, support and our servers — if you need them. Software is open source, no strings attached.


Detailed breakdown, in case you're still not convinced. Click for more details.


Bringing privacy & security to the people who deserve it.

Oleksandr Nikitin

Founder, the crypto guy

Kirill Mokhovtsev

Javascript Guru

Eugene Chernyshov

Master of Order

Feel free to contribute code, ideas, suggestions, bug reports, etc. — we're building a platform, after all.


We believe the power should be in user's hands. Join our forces!

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